Mission, Vision & Core Values


The Vision of ARRD is “A world with transformed vibrant communities for sustainable development”



This mission is “To help communities discover their useful potentials, and support them in making their own positive changes, so as to realize for themselves and to the rest of other various societies, hope of sustainable equal opportunities, dignity, respect, livelihoods and development.”



  • Accountability

ARRD is committed to employ best practices in its management and operations, pursuing excellence in all it does. All those running the affairs of ARRD shall make ourselves themselves accountable to all stakeholders, donors, government and will seek inputs from all stakeholders so as improve activities, policies and procedures.


  • Integrity

ARRD will consistently strive and adhere to internationally acceptable codes of conduct, good governance, respect for gender equity and work together with stakeholders to transform lives of beneficiaries of its activities.


  • Dignity

ARRD believes that each person has been made in God’s image and is therefore uniquely valuable and worthy of the highest respect. Consequently, it shall reach out to all those in need, irrespective of their race, gender, religion, age, or nationality. Wherever possible it shall personalize assistance, taking individual needs and circumstances into account, and respecting the dignity and independence of the people served.