• Our Vision

    The Vision ‘‘we strive to create local opportunity, growth, and impact in every grassroots communities in the region’’.

  • Our Mission

    This mission is “to make a positive impact on the under privileged and vulnerable communities through initiatives that encourage young people, (women & Youth) to be the drivers and controllers of their own future, create access and opportunities for new innovative ideas that drive sustainable production for grassroots development.”

  • Our Goal

    Our goal is ‘‘to create access to social and economic opportunities towards empowering underprivileged and vulnerable communities (refugees and their host communities) particularly youth, Women and Children.’’ To achieve this goal, ARRD works by mobilizing and recruiting women and youths into self-help groups through which the women and young people engage in various socio-economic activities. As an organization, ARRD believes that young people are the future and in order to reach the child, the woman as the custodian of the child has to be accessed first”.





Equal opportunities